a poem: “she says…i see genius”

Jon Davis
Mar 8, 2024

in honor of my Aunt Sandy who has worked with children who are high-functioning and exceptional for over 38 years…

she says

i see

when some see dysfunction
she doesn’t hesitate to call out
their assumption

when some say their contribution
is inconsequential
she finds the key to their
hidden potential

when patience seems hard to find
she becomes
even more kind

when some have a tendency
to pass over
she looks even closer

because when the view
is cloudiest
her vision becomes
the most clear
she might say
“i will take her”
“he is brilliant”
“she is so gifted”
“let me talk to him”

and maybe best of all
when some might say

they don’t seem like
one of us

she says
i am sorry to see
what you miss


i see

Aunt Sandy on the left with my Mom and Dad on the right!



Jon Davis

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