a poem: what it feels like to receive grace

Jon Davis
2 min readMar 20, 2024

to my friends Camille & LP7, ya’ll are amazing…thanks for teaching me about grace on a journey in South Korea. however, i don’t think i will be getting into one of those crazy cab rides again :)!

i will always extend grace to you

what does it mean to have grace?
i know what it feels like

you ask two friends and partners
to travel across the world
with little to no agenda
except a shared belief in exploration and possibility
and a love for music, culture and
our common humanity

grace feels like open space
it gives room to grow
and also fail
but not a fail we are used to
the kind that means

because we all need grace
if we really want
to stretch our own limits
and go after that opportunity or change
we know is for us
but might scare us a little

grace dissipates this fear
it has all kinds of room for mis-takes
it is goodwill with a smile
it feels like a hand on your shoulder when doubt creeps in
it smells like…



Jon Davis

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