Dear Heart

Jon Davis
2 min readMar 26, 2024

a poem letter where I write to a word…

A friend yesterday shared how she wants to keep her heart “soft.” (Thanks Sam!) I love that!

So, I wanted to encourage you to stay soft…and light.

For me it means staying close to new environments and a wide range of perspectives. Especially with people and issues that are different from me. This way I am always learning…I don’t want you to harden or not be open.

Sometimes I wonder why you are so sensitive or affected so much by how people feel. Left unchecked, this can take a great toll on me, but I also know it is one of your greatest strengths. I am glad you are learning to have boundaries, remembering ribs are there to protect the heart.

I want you to know it is ok to be fully seen.

I love it when you get so moved at Larry running freely in the park. Or when people connect to each other’s hearts and say things like “I will be there for you through anything.”

I love that Andrea Bocelli’s song “Fall On Me” inspires you so much. Andrea and his son Matteo sing together, and as the music rises, I can feel their beautiful father-son bond come through their voices.

Maybe that is one of life’s greatest gifts…to see and feel another’s heart. And to take a moment and appreciate it for all it is.

Much love,




Jon Davis

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