i see you

Jon Davis
2 min readAug 18, 2021

this is the last poem in my book

it is dedicated to a great friend and extraordinary piano player named Beate Perrey

it is one of the first pieces i ever wrote, but i didn’t know it was a poem. when i read it to her she said, “jon, this is beautiful…you are poet.”

i remember thinking…really??!! no, one has ever said that to me. is that possible??

Beate, here i am almost two years later and you were right…i am a poet! thank you so much…for seeing me…before i could.

i see you

i think these are three of
the most powerful words

for me it means
i connect to
both your pain and joy

when you are sad
i am sad
when you are happy
i am happy

even in disagreement
i am for you and your best
that i feel you
and will act as if
we are each other

i will stand with you
when you are taking risks

i have room for you
to try new things

and make mistakes

i will look you in the eye
when you are capable of more
because to see is
to truly honor someone’s soul
to honor their full humanity



Jon Davis

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