letting go of almost

Jon Davis
2 min readJan 24, 2024

a poem from my book that i needed a reminder of today…

i am in some transition and with things being a little uncertain…i have a tendency to go back to what i know…

but whether it is work or relationships…i am reminding myself that i truly have to let go of “almost”…to make room for the beauty…of what i can’t yet see…

with patience, jon

letting go is hard
especially when there
is nothing else to hold onto

but truly letting go
is not just moving onto
something or someone else

it is freedom
it is a feeling

of being complete
on your own

by yourself

and surrendering
to the unknown
because if i don’t
completely let go

i may sentence
myself to a life
of almost

and almost
isn’t love
or true freedom

i am also afraid
if i continue on this path
my heart may harden

and not be soft enough
to let new love in
the kind i hear people
call “true love”
that feels like…



Jon Davis

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